School Closure Updates

School Work Information 

We are working hard to make sure that each student has a way to continue learning through our time apart. 


Our teachers will be updating their websites weekly in order to offer new ideas to engage your students. Our goal with this is to keep them learning through this time. Many of our teachers are working to find ways to keep communication lines open with you and your students. Thank you for your patience as we learn new things along with our students.


Email addresses have been updated. We will be sending information out through email, text message, and our Facebook page. We have also created a YouTube Channel for students to access videos from their teachers.


Parents, as we work hard to remain engaged with you and your students, we also understand that the emails, reminds, and posts can become overwhelming. We know that some days our posts will be welcome blessings to your family -- and that other days they can feel burdensome. It is okay to disconnect for a little while. We will be here when you need us!

We hope to add a little fun to each day. We hope our students and newest "teachers" will join in the fun! We will also begin morning announcements each day at 8:30 am . We will be reporting from a different classroom each day (Monday - Thursday). Tune in to see if we are in your classroom!

Click here to access the April JPE Parent Newsletter with more information.